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Oxo Biodegradable Technology (d2w)

Certain of the products that we distribute are treated with the additive d2w, which is an oxo biodegradable additive included in the masterbatch production process of plastics manufacturing.  This masterbatch turns ordinary plastic, at the end of its useful life, into a material that readily degrades in the presence of oxygen and sunlight (UV light).

At the end of the process, the d2w treated plastic is no longer plastic but, instead, a material that degrades in the open environment through consumption by bacteria and fungi.  This material degrades in a continuous process that leaves no harmful residue, only carbon dioxide, water and biomass.The potential uses of d2w includes:  medical face masks, gloves (both household and hospital use—nitrile, latex), plastic food containers, plastic food wrap, hospital gowns, shoe bootshair caps, etc.

Our d2w treated products include face masks, gloves, food packaging products.  For more information about the oxo biodegradable technology, please refer to the brochure here

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