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Antimicrobial Additives Offer Lifetime Protection

The products we distribute contain a patented Antimicrobial Plastic Additive (known as d2p AM) that protects against harmful microbes that thrive on the surface of plastic products and other human contact surfaces.

This Antimicrobial Plastic Additive has been tested and proven to create virus reduction of 99.9% in one hour, and are resistant to various forms of algae, bacteria, fungi (mildew, yeasts and moulds).

Because viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for days making human contact with such surfaces a vehicle for transmission of disease.  Through the addition of d2p AM in the plastic manufacturing process, plastic surfaces can be treated to eliminate the threat of microbes. The products that we distribute are treated with d2p in the manufacturing process making them ideal for protection against the spread of bacteria and virus.  In addition, independent test results have confirmed that products treated with d2p remain resistant to bacteria and viruses for the lifetime of the product. Refer to ISO 21702-19.

The potential uses of d2p includes:  medical face masks, gloves (both household and hospital use—nitrile, latex), plastic food containers, plastic food wrap, hospital gowns, shoe boots, hair caps, etc.

The Protector line of products that we distribute are uniquely crafted for use in the healthcare industry.  One lesson that we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic is the rapidity with which viruses can spread among the population.  Those environments commissioned to treat persons infected with the virus—hospitals and health care centres—require critical protections to eliminate virus spread.   

Hospital environment is highly contaminated and contributes to the risk of transmission of pathogens and development of Healthcare Associated Infections. Despite the best efforts that promote good hygiene practices, Healthcare Associated Infections are the most common complication of hospital care. Surfaces, air and healthcare products can easily become contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms. Pathogens can survive on these surfaces for surprisingly longer periods of time and these surfaces can act as permanent reservoirs.

Good hygiene is imperative in any healthcare environment. Be it a hospital, care home or dental practice - high level of occupancy, cose proximity of patients, contact between patients and health care workers during treatment and handling provide an ideal opportunity for potentially harmful bacteria to spread directly from person to person and through contaminated surfaces. The infected health care worker or a patient touches and contaminates an object, an instrument, or a surface and transmits a large number of infectious pathogens, Similarly, visitors and attendants also acquire infections directly from infected patients and surroundings.

Reducing the risk of infection spread is a major challenge in healthcare setups. Healthcare providers are actively seeking ways to create obstacles against the infection spread.

Protector® Antimicrobial Healthcare Products can considerably reduce the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections by inhibiting the microbial spread and growth.

Protector* Antimicrobial Products act as first active line of defence against harmful bacteria and disease causing microorganisms. Bacteria and other microorganisms are killed upon contact with the surface of Protector® Antimicrobial Products and promote protection to both the user and the person who come in contact with these products. These products are completely safe to use and the materials are in compliance with US and EU safety regulations.

Protector® Antimicrobial Products are tested by Independent third party labs and proved 99.99% efficacy against bacteria and microorganisms in accordance with ISO 22196 and ASTM E 2180.

d2p Antimicrobial Technology

Protector® has incorporated d2p. Antimicrobial Technology in its products. d2p is an innovative technology from Symphony Environmental Technologies and is designed to prevent the development and growth of bacteria and microorganisms.


d2p Antimicrobial Technology provides broad spectrum Antimicrobial Protection (Antibacterial, Anti-fungal and Anti-algae)


- Antibacterial protection - Protection from bacteria (Gram +ve and Gram -ve)        › 99.99%

- Antifungal protection - Protection from fungi, yeast, mould and mildew                  › 99.99%

- Anti-algae protection - Protection from algae                                                               › 99.99%

d2p Antimicrobial Technology is added during the manufacturing process and remains active in killing bacteria and microorganisms throughout product's life.

Effective against over 50 microorganisms

d2p is effective against over 50 dangerous microorganisms including:


Staphylococcus aureus





Penicillium chrysogenum

Aspergillus niger





d2p conforms to the following standards for its Antimicrobial Efficacy

• Anti-bacterial testing:   ISO 22196:2011 and JIS Z 2801

• Anti-fungal testing:      ISO 16869:2008 and ASTM E 2180

• Anti-algal testing:        ASTM D 5589-09

Regulatory Approvals of d2p (am)

The active ingredient of dap (am) is:

• Registered with US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

• In compliance with US FDA for food contact safety

• Notified under EU's Regulation (BPR-EU-no. 528/2012)

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